Welcome to our Hideaway in Klippitzorl, Austria

This is where we ski, cycle, walk, or just chill – winter, spring, summer and autumn – our Hideaway in Austria.

You may not have heard of Klippitzorl nor Lavental the beautiful valley we look down on from our balcony.

It is in Carinthia, the quiet south east of Austria where the snow can come in from both the Alps and the Adriatic, which makes it reliable, deep and lingering. No wonder this is where many Austrians choose to go to get away from it all: quiet slopes, forest trails, ridge walks, historic towns and 300 days of sunshine.

We don’t see many foreign cars. We don’t hear much English. But we have made some great friends here among the locals who run the village’s only Hotel, the ski-school, and the wonderful cafes and restaurants down in Bad St Leonhard and Wolfsberg.

Have a look at the local weather here

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